Top 15 Travel Tips (for Sub-Sahara Africa)

I’ve had some exceptional experiences in southern Africa.  Like when a sweet girl held my hand, led me into her house and her family gathered around to share their finest foods with me, a complete stranger. Annnnd, I’ve had some experiences where I wish I’d known a few of the tips below!  Like when my stomach was so upset and I rushed off the train in Cape Town  to use the bathroom only to discover that there was NO toilet paper anywhere, even though I was in a city!!  I was forced to get clever and utilize some old receipts in my bag- eeek!  Let me help you avoid bathroom scrambles and feel prepared for a great trip.

Here’s a few tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way for an extraordinary experience.

Ubuntu : Humanity : Vulnerability

Hope and peace are worth listening and living toward

The three videos below give us a place to begin speaking into the radiance of humanity, of our humanness, of our shared beauty and brilliance. Of the monsters in our closets and the moments we’re too ashamed to mention. Of our ability to soar on wings like eagles and slit throats. Of our misconceptions, glorious triumphs, and failed attempts. Of our world and what we see in us. Of our intense complexity, power, love, passion, confusion, intention, fear, and peace. What an overlooked privilege and responsibility it is to be entrusted as human.

Watch these video clips, not all at once though. Watch them slowly, think about them, their implications, the inferences you can make based on them, how they challenge and/or bolster what you’ve accepted as true and certain, what will you do now that you know this?

These clips are a good jumping point and I hope they leave you asking good questions… let’s invite one another into wading though our thoughts, actions, and ideals together… it can be quiet puzzling, but we are not hopeless or helpless, though it may feel that way at times.

Chew thoroughly.

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October 2012: Leadership Lessons

This post is a part of the month-in-review series covering September 2012–June 2013.

You’ve probably seen the house I stayed in, my solo day in Lusaka, and the tour of our resource center in Ndola, Zambia—home to Seeds of Hope International Partnerships.  So, I’d like to share some of the leadership lessons I learned while working in a developing nation, living in a house of men, and ministering alongside local pastors. Continue reading

Women set free

A few days ago we put on a lovely & powerful Women’s Conference! It’s rare for the women here to gather & fellowship and even more rare to have a day devoted to encouraging & nourishing them! The ladies shared they do enjoy fellowshipping, but the last time they did so was a year ago when we were here last. Undoubtedly, women give life, love, and their whole hearts to their families & community, so it was a beautiful thing to behold, set free, and celebrate these remarkable women! Continue reading